Distance (album)

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Studio album by Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards
Released August 18, 2014 (2014-08-18)
Genre Alternative
Label The state51 Conspiracy

Distance is Dan Michaelson's fifth solo album, released in 2014 by The state51 Conspiracy.

GRid: A10341T000000ALX0N

Critical Reception

NME describe Distance as 'forlorn Americana to rival The National', awarding the album 8/10.[1]

The Guardian call the album "a miniature masterpiece", giving it 4/5. [2]

The Line of Best Fit say that "Michaelson’s voice and his way with a sparse arrangement...(make) each song on Distance feel like the most sumptuous thing you’ve ever heard.", giving it 8/10. [3]

Uncut say: "This is soul music (as in “dark night of …”), but it comes in heavy disguise. The lyrical introversion is tough, but the delicate playing of the Coastguards adds drama and beauty. The overall effect is of emotional control in the face of great torment", giving it 8/10.[4]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Dan Michaelson
No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Evergreen"  GB-9GM-14-00022 4:16
2. "Bones"  GB-9GM-14-00023 3:58
3. "Burning Hearts"  GB-9GM-14-00024 3:33
4. "Every Step"  GB-9GM-14-00025 4:26
5. "Getting It All Wrong"  GB-9GM-14-00026 3:10
6. "Evening Light"  GB-9GM-14-00027 3:09
7. "Your Beauty Still Rules"  GB-9GM-14-00028 3:59
8. "Somewhere"  GB-9GM-14-00029 3:59


Daniel Clark - Vocals
Laurie Earl - Guitar
Johnny Flynn - Violin
Mark Philips - Pedal Steel Guitar
Henry Spenner - Drums
Gabriel Stebbing - Cello
Romeo Stodart - Bass

Dan Michaelson - Producer
Ash Workman - Producer, Mixing Engineer
Pete Fletcher - Mastering Engineer


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