What Makes Us Glow (album)

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What Makes Us Glow
Studio album by Psapp
Released November 11, 2013 (2013-11-11)
Genre Alternative
Label The state51 Conspiracy

What Makes Us Glow is Psapp's fourth studio album, and the first released by The state51 Conspiracy.

Critical Reception

The Line Of Best Fit: 8/10. "What Makes Us Glow is really a collection of expertly crafted and arranged songs, and if a comparison needs to made, the duo shares the spirit of David Byrne and St. Vincent..." [1]

Metro: 4/5. "It could sound daft and whimsical but for vocalist Galia Durant, whose beautifully blank voice and mournful lyrics miraculously remove any hint of silliness. All good but the daft Gallic jazz of Seven and the wobbly organ groove of Your Hot Knife are particularly effective." [2]

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Life Hums"  GB-9GM-13-00019 0:17
2. "Wet Salt"  GB-9GM-13-00020 3:25
3. "The Cruel, the Kind and the Bad"  GB-9GM-13-00021 3:44
4. "Seven"  GB-9GM-13-00022 3:42
5. "That's the Spirit"  GB-9GM-13-00023 2:55
6. "In the Black"  GB-9GM-13-00024 3:53
7. "Everything Belongs to the Sun"  GB-9GM-13-00025 4:01
8. "Bone Marrow"  GB-9GM-13-00026 2:45
9. "Your Hot Knife"  GB-9GM-13-00027 3:48
10. "The Well and the Wall"  GB-9GM-13-00028 3:28
11. "What Makes Us Glow"  GB-9GM-13-00029 4:06
12. "In and Out"  GB-9GM-13-00030 3:22





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