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Belbury Poly
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GenresElectronic Music
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LabelsGhost Box
Associated actsThe Belbury Circle
The Focus Group
The Advisory Circle
WebsiteBelbury Poly on Ghost Box

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Belbury Poly is an alias of electronic musician Jim Jupp. Belbury Poly's releases are on the Ghost Box label, which Jupp co-founded and manages with Julian House (The Focus Group).

Belbury Poly's sound

Working with analogue electronics and wide range of unusual instrumentation and more recently supported by session players on drums and guitars, Belbury Poly's soundworld is characterised as a kind of upbeat, electronic and rustic prog rock. Influences, range from old library music and TV soundtracks to keyboard driven 70s prog, folk and Krautock.

Jupp has spoken about Belbury Poly and the other artists on Ghost Box as sounding like the misremebered past of a parallel world,[1][2][3] as well as acknowledging a debt to the author Arthur Machen.[4] The name references a fictional institution, created by the author C.S. Lewis[5] in his novel That Hideous Strength.

Press Quotes

“...some of the most delightful electronica to arise in Britain since Aphex Twin, the Black Dog and Global Communication."
Bethan Cole, The Sunday Times”,

“...electronica rarely comes as intriguing and atmospheric and laden with weirdly unshakable tunes.”
Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

“...Belbury Poly summons a genuinely spectral presence.”
Simon Reynolds, Frieze Magazine

“ that’s both highly atmospheric and melodically rewarding.”
Joseph Stannard, The Wire

“ innocent Anglo Saxon eccentricity, channelled through a panoply of vintage analogue equipment. The result as ever is mesmerising.”
Stuart Aitken, Flux Magazine

“…the record plays with the clouded otherworldliness of undersea documentaries or the oversaturated hues of old chemistry book covers.”
Mike Powell, Stylus Magazine

“A cunning mix of 1980s TV, addled Prog folk and science fiction, a very literary music.”
Clive Bell, Wire

“...a turning point for modern electronica: inventiveness pushing right up against the boundaries, made accessible through a door left ajar to memories.”
Jason Draper, Record Collector

“Imagine a combination of The Incredible String Band and Boards of Canada and you won’t be far off.”
Spencer Grady, BBC Music Review



Albums & EPs

Title Format Label Catalogue Number Year
Farmer's Angle 3" CD-EP Ghost Box GBX001 2004
The Willows CD/LP Ghost Box GBX003 2005
The Owl's Map CD Ghost Box GBX007 2006
From an Ancient Star CD Ghost Box GBX011 2009
Farmer's Angle (Revised Edition) CD/10" Ghost Box GBX014 2010
The Belbury Tales CD/LP Ghost Box GBX016 2012
The Belbury Poly CD/LP Ghost Box GBX024 2016

Seven Inch Singles

As Title Catalogue Number Year
Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club Study Series 01: Youth and Recreation GBX701 2010
Belbury Poly and Mordant Music Study Series 03: Welcome to Godalming GBX703 2010
Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle Study Series 08: Inversions GBX708 2012
Belbury Poly and Spacedog Study Series 10: Message and Method GBX710 2013
Pye Corner Audio with Belbury Poly Other Voices 05: Machines are Obsolete/Pathways GBX715 2015


Track Title Original Artist Album,Single,EP title Label Catalogue Number Year
Taxi Negro (Black Cab Mix) Tre-molo Visitas Mil Records MRCD009 2008
Ghost Office (Remixed by Belbury Poly) Xylitol Xylitol Music as played by Other People self released 2010
Escape Hatch Bernard Fevre The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre Remixes Universal NJ9048 2010
And The Cuckoo Comes To Belbury The Advisory Circle Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) Ghost Box GBX013 2010
Lights And Offerings (Belbury Poly Mix) Mirrors The White EP Skint SKINT216ID 2011
Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix) John Foxx And The Maths The Shape of Things Metamatic META29CD 2011
If... (Belbury Poly Mix) Bill Ryder-Jones If... Remixes Domino DS061 2012
Hobby Horse The Memory Band Further Navigations Static Caravan Van 272 2014


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