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Blip Discs
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FounderTom Blip
Country of originUnited Kingdom
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    Blip Discs began in February 2015. So far the labels repertoire has come from O'Flynn and label head Tom Blip with a loose focus on incorporating musical elements from around the world into dance floor orientated tracks. BLIP004 is confirmed to be from new artist Spooky J and due out later this year.

    Selected Artists

    A brief overview of releases from artists on Blip Discs and other labels they've contributed to.

    O'Flynn selected works

    Deeper (O'Flynn Remix) - Ella Eyre (Virgin EMI) 2013
    Tyrion/Desmond's Empire (Blip Discs) 2015
    Oberyn/Spyglass (Blip Discs) 2016

    Tom Blip selected works

    Wrong Guanco/Shekere (Blip Discs) 2015
    Falling Through The Wall (Tom Blip Remix) - Werkha (TBA Tru Thoughts) 2016

    Selected Press

    'Blip Discs in general has shown us how to make a fine and meaningful art out of other people’s materials' [1] Juno Plus: O'Flynn - Oberyn

    Tom Blip - Wrong Guanco... 'A single so popular, two members of staff put it forward for the list! [2] Rye Wax: What Music Was Even Good Last Year?

    O'Flynn - Tyrion 'If this exciting first release on Blip Discs is a sign of what's to come, then the Leeds label will be worth keeping tabs on' 4/5 [3] RA Reviews: O'Flynn - Tyrion


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