Channel the Spirits

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Channel the Spirits
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by The Comet Is Coming
Released01 Apr 2016
LabelThe Leaf Label

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“Great fire will fall from the sky, the cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous. Very soon after, the earth will tremble.”

As was prophesised by Nostradamus, The Comet Is Coming...

Marvel! As it blazes a streak of phosphorescent beauty across the night sky. Listen! As a trailing meteor shower drops hot coals hissing into topographical oceans. Inhale! The burning funk of strange new flavours. The sound of the future... today.

The Comet Is Coming. Our saviours Danalogue The Conqueror, Betamax Killer and King Shabaka come bearing their debut album Channel The Spirits. A prophetic document. A celebration. The beginning of the end.

The Comet was first observed in 2013, its power growing with increasingly regular sightings culminating in a stellar display at Trans Musicales at the end of 2015CE. The debut EP Prophecy arrived in blaze of light and sound. The word spread. Whispers became shouts - “I believe”. And now comes the mother lode.

Channel The Spirits is a starburst galaxy, a journey through the outer reaches of the cosmos. Over twelve tracks, our fearless stargazers evoke the ghosts of bold experimentalists such as Sun Ra, Funkadelic and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, reanimate them through twenty-first century technology and send them off hotstepping into the greatest party the universe has seen. Here is the universe in a microcosm; the life-force distilled down to its raw essence: sex and dancing. The rhythm of life.

Over a backdrop of keyboards, drums and electronics that are shimmering and soothing one moment and wig-flipping wayward the next, saxophonist King Shabaka squeezes sounds that echo like the exaltations of visionary voyagers drifting through interplanetary space and time. They shift from the elegiac and the experimental into iridescent molten jazz and full-on intergalactic groove mode.

Dusted in cosmic magic, Channel The Spirits is more than an album – it is a séance, a reckoning, a prophecy, a mission. A transdimensional journey. The Comet Is Coming. Look busy.

Live Dates

Wed 30 March FRANCE La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin

Saturday 2 April UK The Canteen, Bristol

Weds 13 April UK London Fields Brewery, London

Saturday 23 April FRANCE Run Ar Puñs, Châteaulin

Thurs 28 April NETHERLANDS Paradiso, Amsterdam

Critical Reception

"Appropriately for an album laden with astral references, the opening track rekindles the swoosh of the BBC’s radiophonic workshop. But for the most part, this sax, drums and keyboard trio deliver their raucous mix of ska, dance and electronica with rhythmic bleeps and chunky beats from Betamax Killer’s drums. Melodic interest comes from saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings — here crowned King Shabaka — who riffs and wails with a roughed-up tone and bags of echo. Check out “Slam Dunk in a Black Hole” and the title track for a taster." - Financial Times

“This freethinking and truly brilliant release is formed in the spirit of trailblazing jazz renegades Sun Ra, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Ornette Coleman and Polar Bear. Yes it’s early days, but could this be an early contender for one of the records of the year?” 9.5/10 DJ Magazine

“The Comet Is Coming live up to the promise of that name less than fifteen seconds into their debut release. It’s completely explosive and spontaneous, overflowing with the high energy of a party in full swing – or perhaps more aptly the energy of a rocket heading straight out into deep space” The Quietus

“Great new band” Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2

“Absolutely love it, best thing I’ve heard in ages” Stuart Maconie, BBC 6 Music

“A perfectly realised and full-blooded debut that surprises at every turn. A rare find. Hail their bop.” 8/10 Uncut

Media Coverage

The Comet Is Coming’s Channel The Spirits album is released next Friday (1st April) and we have some great reviews and radio plays coming in. Please find attached a glowing 8/10 review/feature of the album from Uncut and review from New Internationalist.

The video for ‘Space Carnival’ premiered on Noisey with included interview and also featured in The 405’s ‘Singles of the Week’ column. Here is a link to Noisey premiere and 405's column:

TCIC’s ‘Space Carnival’ has picked up great radio attention from the likes of Jamie Cullum (BBCR2), BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction + Jazz on 3, BBC 6 Music, Radio X XFM and Amazing Radio. Listen to the unanimously positive roundtable reaction from 6 Music last week:

Comet Sax player Shabaka Hutchings was interviewed on Jazz Standard which you can hear here:

Here is a round up of the online coverage of Channel The Spirits:

Product Information

  • UPC 843190010493
  • Catalogue Number BAY 104E
  • Format Album
  • Sound Carrier Digital

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "The Prophecy"  GBCKB1610406 1:48
2. "Space Carnival"  GBCKB1610407 3:35
3. "Journey Through the Asteroid Belt"  GBCKB1610408 5:33
4. "Nano"  GBCKB1610409 1:16
5. "New Age"  GBCKB1610410 5:27
6. "Slam Dunk In a Black Hole"  GBCKB1610411 2:25
7. "Cosmic Dust"  GBCKB1610412 3:26
8. "Star Furnace"  GBCKB1610413 5:37
9. "Channel the Spirits"  GBCKB1610414 4:03
10. "End of Earth"  GBCKB1610417 2:16





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