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End Codes
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by Astronauts
Released06 May 2016
LabelLo Recordings

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Dan Carney is a songwriter based in east London who releases music under the name Astronauts.

After ‘Skydive’ went viral in June 2014, the debut Astronauts album ‘Hollow Ponds’ was met with critical acclaim. Radio support also came from all over, with Radio 2 (Huey Morgan) and 6 Music (Lauren Laverne, Cerys Matthews, Radcliffe & Maconie, Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft, Gideon Coe) in the UK, as well as US stations such as KCRU in Los Angeles. This slow-burning build of approval also saw the album hit the million-play mark on Spotify towards the end of last year.

Lyrically, it’s Dan’s trademark intriguing blend of resignation and defiance, all delivered with a world-weary estuary twang which combines the colloquial fragility of Robert Wyatt with the eerie double-tracked smoothness of Elliott Smith. Cuts such as opener ‘Recondition’, ‘Split Screen’, and ‘Breakout’ are propelled along by a familiar sprawling intensity, simultaneously fraught and uplifting, and just repetitive enough to lodge themselves firmly in your consciousness without becoming laboured or tedious.

There’s also the steady, cyclical lead single ‘Civil Engineer’, possibly the finest folk-pop song yet written about the vagaries of a career in civic planning, and the triumphant harmonies of ‘You Can Turn It Off’. Closer ‘Skeleton’, with its defiant drone-gospel coda, channels the likes of Fugazi, Tortoise, and The War On Drugs, proving that Dan’s horizons extend significantly further than many of his contemporaries.

Critical Reception

Product Information

  • UPC 5056052724451
  • Catalogue Number Lo146DA
  • Format Album
  • Sound Carrier Digital

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Recondition"  GBDRC1614601 6:00
2. "Civil Engineer"  GBDRC1614501 4:08
3. "Dead Snare"  GBDRC1614603 4:05
4. "You Can Turn It Off"  GBDRC1614604 3:39
5. "A Break in the Code, A Cork in the Stream"  GBDRC1614605 6:00
6. "When It's Gone"  GBDRC1614606 5:07
7. "Split Screen"  GBDRC1614607 4:45
8. "Hider"  GBDRC1614608 3:27
9. "Breakout"  GBDRC1614609 3:23
10. "Skeleton"  GBDRC1614611 5:39





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