Kings and Queens

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Kings and Queens
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Single by Player Piano
LabelThe state51 Conspiracy
ProducerPlayer Piano

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Kings and Queens is a single taken from Radio Love by Player Piano.


The video for Kings and Queens was made by artist TJ Reynolds. It took over a year to make and is composed of over 6000 animated chalk drawings shot on a 6 foot wall built specifically for the project.

Dozens of rags and sponges, hundreds of pieces of chalk, thousands of individual drawings, and millions of dust particles later, a series of images were woven together. Each frame, taken from larger than life drawings continuously blends and morphs into the next.

This special effect was created by the artist alone and no special technology. Every line was created with the leftover nibs of chalk colours and blending tones. Reynolds has stated that the work has given him "permanently stained hands."

Reynolds is a visual artist, musician, producer, and spoken word artist, and teacher based in Boston. His recently released album, NPR, is based entirely on samples taken from National Public Radio, has been featured on multiple nationally broadcast programs, including Marketplace and The Takeaway.

Reynolds has released other full length albums, and music videos, including Birds of Brooklyn and Kings and Queens. Reynolds is the recipient of many awards, including a Cultural Vision Awards[1], a Neighborhood Treasure Award, and was the first ever hip-hop artist to be named a Lilly Creative Renewal Arts Fellow.[2]

Critical Reception

Product Information

  • UPC 5056005012246
  • Catalogue Number CON184D
  • Format Single
  • Sound Carrier Digital

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Jeremy Radway. 

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Kings and Queens"     



  • Ed Grimshaw: Drums
  • Jeremy Radway: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Wurlitzer 200A, Nord Stage, Virtual String Machine, Engineering


  • Jeremy Radway


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