Lobster Theremin

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FounderJimmy Asquith
Distributor(s)Lobster Distribution, Sequence, The state51 Conspiracy
GenreElectronic, House, Techno, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Ambient, Outsider House, Lo-Fi House, Vintage, Analog, Rave
Country of originUK
Official websiteLobster Theremin
Twitter handle@LobsterTheremin

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    Lobster Theremin is an independent, UK based record label, launched in 2013 by Jimmy Asquith.


    A record label established in London in 2013 by James Asquith rising quickly to become one of London's most talk-about electronic labels. The Lobster Theremin catalog is littered with modern classics; from Palms Trax's mind-blowing inaugural release 'Equation EP' to the nostalgic rave classic 'Lips' by Daze, Route 8's breakout EP 'This Raw Feeling', the deep emotive sounds of nthng's 'Human', the lush beachside house on 'Waiting' by Hidden Spheres, three brain-melting EPs from Snow Bone, plus highly notable contributions from Manse, Imre Kiss, Raw M.T., Privacy and more.

    Sub-Labels & Series

    Lobster Theremin has several sub-labels and release series. The main Lobster Theremin catalog operates with the "LT" catalog prefix. There are additional release series under the "LTBLK" Lobster Black and "LTWHT" Lobster White catalog prefixes as well as sub-labels Mörk and Distant Hawaii.

    • Lobster Black - Releases appearing on the Lobster Black series tend towards more industrial leaning techno.
    • Lobster White - Releases appearing on the Lobster White series lean towards vintage styles of house and techno
    • Mörk - The first Lobster Theremin sub-label. Formed of deeper, murkier, rolling textures of house and techno. Featuring new and Lobster Theremin-affiliated artists
    • Distant Hawaii - Tropical-tinged sub-label of Lobster Theremin. An outlet for softer strains of Detroit House, beach-coasting 4/4 warmth and summer-baiting tracks.



    Lobster Theremin have contributed mixes, podcasts and Radio shows to a number of high profile electronic music outlets and publications, including:

    For more Lobster Theremin podcasts, head to the label archive.


    Lobster Theremin

    Musician Title Format Catalogue Number
    Palms Trax Equation EP (2013) 12" Vinyl LT001
    Snow Bone Remote Viewer EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT002
    Steve Murphy Relax EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT003
    Route 8 Dry Thoughts EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT004
    Route 8 Dry Thoughts EP - 2nd Edition (2015) 12" Vinyl LT004.1
    Rawaat Day Laborer EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT005
    Imre Kiss Raw Energy EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT006
    Panthera Krause Rules EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT007
    Chicago Jim Chicago Jim LP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT008
    sonofdistantearth Parachute EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT009
    Privacy Hypertext EP (2014) 12" Vinyl LT010
    Ozel AB Crimes EP (2015) 12" Vinyl LT011
    Daze Neuromance EP (2015) 12" Vinyl LT012
    Imre Kiss Midnight Wave (2015) 12" Vinyl LT013
    Manse A Slap In The Face Of Public Taste (2015) 12" Vinyl LT014
    Steve Murphy UK Treatment EP (2015) 12" Vinyl LT015
    Snow Bone Protoplanetary EP (2015) 12" Vinyl LT016
    Royer Collectively EP (2016) 12" Vinyl LT017
    Raw MT Richard's Revenge (2016) 12" Vinyl LT018
    Grammar of Movement Azadi EP (2016) 12" Vinyl LT019
    Black Patterns Black Patterns Vol. 1 (2016) 12" Vinyl LT020

    Lobster Black

    Musician Title Format Catalogue Number
    Manse Saroyan (2014) 12" Vinyl LTBLK001
    Snow Bone Mystic Vision (2014) 12" Vinyl LTBLK002
    Reflec Momentary Archive (2015) 12" Vinyl LTBLK003
    1800HaightStreet The Pursuit (2015) 12" Vinyl LTBLK004
    Gilmer Galibard Brain Poacher (2015) 12" Vinyl LTBLK005
    Privacy Human Resource Exploitation Manual (2015) 12" Vinyl LTBLK006
    Daze Longhorn (2015) 12" Vinyl LTBLK007
    The Night Flyer The Night Flyer (2016) 12" Vinyl LTBLK008

    Lobster White

    Musician Title Format Catalogue Number
    Palms Trax Forever (2014) 12" Vinyl LTWHT001
    Daze Lips (2014) 12" Vinyl LTWHT002
    S Olbricht A Place Called Ballacid (2014) 12" Vinyl LTWHT003
    Route 8 This Raw Feeling (2015) 12" Vinyl LTWHT004
    Hedge Maze Dysania (2015) 12" Vinyl LTWHT005
    Qnete Lessons In Finding (2015) 12" Vinyl LTWHT006


    Musician Title Format Catalogue Number
    nthng Remember Us (2014) 12" Vinyl MÖRK001
    Raw M.T. La Duna (2015) 12" Vinyl MÖRK002
    nthng 1996 (2015) 12" Vinyl MÖRK003
    Tissu Unmanned Vehicle (2015) 12" Vinyl MÖRK004
    Romansoff Infinite Dreams (2015) 12" Vinyl MÖRK005
    Moodcut Heart Beat Takeaway (2015) 12" Vinyl MÖRK006
    1800HaightStreet Heldled (2015) 12" Vinyl MÖRK007
    Roza Roza - (2016) 12" Vinyl MÖRK008

    Distant Hawaii

    Musician Title Format Catalogue Number
    Hidden Spheres Waiting (2015) 12" Vinyl HAWAII001
    DJ Sonikku Secret Island (2016) 12" Vinyl HAWAII002

    Special releases

    Musician Title Format Catalogue Number
    DJ Route 8 Cruising (2014) 12" Vinyl (Private Press) LTPP001
    Richard Harrow ∆ÇÎ∂ H∆MM€R (2015) 12" Vinyl (Record Store Day Special Edition) LTFIRE001

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