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The Knowmusic Guide

The Knowmusic Guide exists to help labels and artists get clear, well-written and authoritative information about their music on to the internet. Knowmusic is operated by state51.

To get an account, please contact

Making A Page

  • Search for your page (be careful to use correct capitalisation)
  • If it does not exist, you will be asked if you want to create a page
  • Create page in a new tab
  • Choose from the page categories below and go to the appropriate template page
  • View the template page's source by clicking 'Edit'
  • Copy all the markup code you see and paste it into your new page
  • Fill out the 'infobox' at the top of the page
  • Use our Artist and Contributor Categories to define the roles of contributors
  • Check the Info Box page Template:Infobox musical artist for tips on how to complete fields in the infobox
  • If the artist has an ISNI, please add this in the Authority Control section towards the bottom of the page

Style Guide

  • Keep pages informative and avoid PR-speak
  • Use the third person: "Rock Records was founded in 1954" not "We were founded in 1954".
  • Use citations wherever possible
  • All press, such as reviews, must be linked to in a citation
  • Upload pictures and include in your pages

Page Templates

There are three main page categories:

Simply copy the code from the template to your new page, and fill out all the relevant fields.

Each page includes an infobox in the top right corner. You can get help on filling these out below.


Here are a few helpful pages:


We have defined roles for artists (performers, writers, arrangers, authors) and contributors (producers, engineers, non-featured artists) - using DDEX standards.

Example Pages

Check some of these pages for inspiration:

Formatting Tips

Italics and Bold Script

  • Use two single apostrophes on either side of any text to apply italic formatting.
''italic formatting''
  • Use three single apostrophes on either side of any text to apply bold formatting.
'''bold formatting'''

Bullet Points and Lists

  • To make a list with bullet points, use an asterisk at the start of each new line.
* This is how to create a list

Using Images

  • Upload an image using the 'upload file' option in the sidebar
  • Once uploaded, get the file name from the page's URL and add to this line of markup text:
  [[File:Guillemots live2.jpg|thumb|right|Write-your-descriptive-caption-here]]

Adding Citations

Add this line after any quotation to give its source. <ref>[URL Title Of Article]</ref>

<ref>[ House Music – an outstanding solo debut]</ref>

Adding External Links

To add a website, twitter page or other external link to a page use this format:

* [ Boogie Angst Twitter]

This will appear as follows:

For Help

KnowMusic is operated by The state51 Conspiracy. If you need any help please email us