Nature Isn't Mute Man Is Deaf

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Nature Isn't Mute (Man Is Deaf)
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by Brassica
Released13 May 2016
LabelCivil Music

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'Nature Isn't Mute (Man Is Deaf)' is the deluxe edition of Brassica's sophisticated and distinctive debut LP 'Man is Deaf' featuring 7 additional tracks.

Full of nervous energy and ill-defined brilliance, 'Man is Deaf' was praised by Dazed & Confused and De:Bug and nominated for Album of the Year at the DJ Magazine awards. The record distilled Michael Anthony Wright's storied musical past; capturing Balearic house, new wave, psych, synth music, avant garde electronics and italo disco; without sounding consigned to any part of it and now 'Nature Isn't Mute' lets us delve deeper into the reclusive producer's gloriously shadowy world.

Brassica's music is rich with musical and lyrical detail and steeped in originality and non-conformity. His obsession with sonic detail and fascination with composition created something self-consciously experimental and intellectual yet wonderfully refined and thrillingly accessible in 'Man is Deaf'. Seamless, idiosyncratic and wilfully lo-fi, 'Nature Isn't Mute' adds to promiscuous liaisons between noirish anxiety, naughty MIDI riffs, majestic orchestral moments and elements that could have been caned by Belgian new beat and Italian Cosmic DJs to extend the thrilling innovation and easy pleasure of an already immaculate record.

The voices of the normally silent Oliver Barrett (who produces as Petrels) and Florida's Future Sound joins the cast list of 'Nature Isn't Mute' which already includes; the vocal talents of long time collaborator Stuart Warwick, avant garde electronic producer Ghostape, Emile Bojesen (whose little documented collaborations with Brassica formed synth punk band Gold Blood) and Veronica So from celebrated noise/art band Teeth; A vocoded Italian translation of Slayer’s "Dead Man Skin" in Balo Di Morti; Brian Ferry’s Saxophonist Jorja Renn and Brassica's own vocals on the hope giving and Arthur Russell resembling Tears I Can Afford, the theological questioning in Air esque Psychic Heartburn, and Deplore, a song for Travis Bickle.

'Nature Isn't Mute' arrives simultaneously with a brand new 12' single from Brassica that includes another new Brassica track 'Get Down' and a remix of Man is Deaf / Nature Isn't Mute track 'Tears I Can Afford' from Belfast duo Bicep.

Happier in the shadows than under the glare of projectors, Brassica continues to refine a unique sound and approach that has made him a favourite of your favourites.

Critical Reception

Product Information

  • UPC 5060303980923
  • Catalogue Number CIV064D
  • Format Album
  • Sound Carrier Digital

Track listing

No. TitleISRC Length
1. "Be Lost"  GBWTT1406201 7:14
2. "Dance"  GBWTT1406202 4:26
3. "Turn Me"  GBWTT1406203 5:08
4. "Psychic Heartburn"  GBWTT1406204 6:26
5. "Deplore"  GBWTT1406205 4:33
6. "Tears I Can Afford"  GBWTT1406206 4:53
7. "Art Ebb Lull Us"  GBWTT1406207 4:18
8. "Spiral"  GBWTT1406208 2:35
9. "The Lodger"  GBWTT1406209 4:21
10. "Ballo dei Morti"  GBWTT1406210 7:51
11. "No Apocalypse"  GBWTT1406211 4:27
12. "Black Sand"  GBWTT1406213 5:39
13. "Messages in the Water Version 1"  GBWTT1406214 4:20
14. "Bordeaux"  GBWTT1406215 5:41
15. "Jamais Vu"  GBWTT1406216 5:00
16. "Spiral Extended Version"  GBWTT1406217 5:44
17. "Messages in the Water Version 2"  GBWTT1406218 4:19
18. "Tusk or Tooth"  GBWTT1406219 4:23





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